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Descriptive Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Definition Prompt

Word Count: 700 words
Due Date: 9/26
Assignment Description:   Choose one topic from the list and define it.

  1. Human rights
  2. Right to privacy
  3. Common sense
  4. Courage
  5. Political correctness
  6. Leadership
  7. Progress

As you consider possible topics, think about the generally accepted definition and then see if you can find definitions that are unchallenged, unexamined or undisputed.   Then, ask yourself how is the topic relevant to today’s society.   In what ways is it positive and in ways is it negative?   How have we used the topic in our culture?   What was its intended purpose and what has it become?

What I’m looking for:
A well thought-out thesis
Sentence Structure

Avery Punch
Professor Burns
ENGL 1301-73017
26 September 2014
Essay #2: Definition Essay
Whatever your background, training, intellectual comprehension, common sense can be learned and applied in everyday situations. When we say common sense we mean common to most people. However, common sense is not so common. It is particular to the cultural values and groups in which we were raised. Within philosophical parameters, principles of the law, common sense is sometimes appealed to in political debates particularly when other arguments have been exhausted. In this sense, simply means a popular belief which requires further reflection and examination. Common sense isn’t a one-stop destination; it’s a way of thinking that needs constant nourishing, and in this essay provides diversified ways of looking at developing your common sense a little further.
For example: for one group, it is common sense to finish high school and get a job. For another group, it is going to college. Yet another group plans for graduate school and becoming a professional. The values of different groups are evident in the common sense of each group. New World Encyclopedia, regarding common sense, is of...

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