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Derpa Challange Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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DARPA Challenge
  1. The only way to define this problem is to figure out how fast you would need to go in order to get 175 miles off road, in less than 10 hrs. The major problem components would be Tires that won’t go flat, and big enough fuel tank to last 10 hrs. And the only obstacles I foresee happening would be either not enough fuel or the suspension not being good enough.
  2. In order to go 175 miles in less than 10 Hours, you would half to go at least 18 mph. The whole 10 hours.
  3. You would need to consider the weight of the vehicle, and the sharpness of the curves you would need to travel around.
  4. You could avoid obstacles by slowing down when you’re not on a straight away, maybe staying in the middle of the road the whole time.
  5. Some disadvantages are not knowing how many waypoints and what they are. Not knowing if there accurate.
  6. Once you find out the route information you could possibly deflate your tires so it would grab better as you go around curves,
  7. In the testing phase I anticipate a lot of catastrophic failures such as possibly wrecks since you wouldn’t know what way points are located. Also there maybe engine failure since you’re pushing the engine to its limits to find out what its capable of before the actual race, then last but not least there maybe GPS losing signal since it’s a test to figure out what’s good and what’s not.

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