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Dermatologist as a Career Essay

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Type of Work and Earnings
Dermatologist specializing in preventing, treating, and diagnosing skin diseases. Some other duties can include procedures to improve the appearance of skin such as decreasing signs of aging or improving skin tone. Dermatologist can diagnose and treat different disease it’s estimated more than 3,000. Dermatologist perform outpatient surgeries, remove   legions, warts, moles, or cancerous cells from the skin. Dermatologist give injections for example botox, treatacne, and nail infections. The average salary of a dermatologist is $202,469 per year. However, the range is $88,605 - $304,220, which can   include a bonus of $0.00 - $96,958. Profit sharing is also sometimes available with a range of $604 - $25,342. So with all these factors in mind the total salary of a dermatologist is $82,560 - $321,739. There are many benefits that a dermatologist can have. Such as medical and dental coverage. Some benefits can be paid vacation, sick time, personal time, and conference time. Also, there is an educational allowance and an employee discount program.

History of Dermatology
Dermatology dates back all the way to the early Egyptians. They used chemicals such as arsenic on the skin to kill cancer.   In 1572, Geronimo Mercuriali of Forlì, Italy, completed De morbis cutaneis and is know as the first scientific work to be dedicated to dermatology. Although, there are some sources that list Jean Astruc as the founder of modern dermatology. Since. 1887 when medical school was founded dermatology was included in the curriculum. Lyle B. Kingery, MD recognized dermatology in 1922 as a division of medicine. Early dermatology was associated with urology and in the 1990s was used in the treatments of syphilis and venereal disease. Dermatology and dermatologic surgery is still making incredible breakthroughs in skin repair and care. Today Dermatologist perform tattoo removal using lasers and to improve facial scarring from serious acne. They perform cosmetic...

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