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Deontology Vs Teleology Essay

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Below is an essay on "Deontology Vs Teleology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Deontology is best described as the normative ethical position that judges the morality of an action based on the action's adherence to a rule or rules. Its opposer is teleology which is best described as theory of morality that derives duty or moral obligation from what is good or desirable as an end to be achieved. To no surprise these highly ethical terms can be engaged throughout the entire world of business. Morality has much to do with many business decisions such as thinking of what a certain product "could do" or "not do" for the public as whole. However, you must ask; what are the guidelines to investing into a business or product? One must know these certain guidelines and with that knowledge you can reflect back to our terms. Some decisions will have to be made using this method and this is why you should become knowledgeable on such a subject.
From the reading, Molly, an ad campaigner is asked to make an ad that will make the opponent look bad. Her morality tells her this is a bad idea, but also she knows that the ad will "help" her candidate win the election. I'm sure most people would choose to do that ad in order to win the election; however I think differently on this subject. My whole life, I grew up around my Grandfather and he was a business man himself. He would always tell me to ignore the competition and let the customers decided who is the better of the companies. Well, with hard work and determination he became the number one cabinet salesman in Kentucky. Aside from that small life story, I remote back to the point of interest obtaining to Molly; I believe she should definitely… not do the ad. Why? Well one, it is not morally right; two, I'm sure she wouldn't want an advertisement making up lies or showing bad things about her candidate. Nonetheless, there are many reasons as to why she shouldn't do it and there is only one reason as to why she should do it and that is so she can win. Winning is great but don't let that get in the way of...

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