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Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication

How we communicate

Pachinete Brown


According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are roughly 6,909 languages being used to communicate in the world today. With all of these different languages available to use, communication should surely be easy. This however is not always the case. An article written on demonstrative communication stated that only about 7% of communication used is based on actual words. The other 97% is based on tone of voice (38%) and physiology (55%); it is called nonverbal (demonstrative communication).
The saying “actions speak louder than words” is very true when it comes to nonverbal communication. A person’s facial expression and body language are key factors in how messages are sent and received. These factors can have either positive or negative effects on the communication process. For example, if an employer was giving out new information on changes that will be made to policies and procedures, they could decipher how the message is being received by demonstrative communication. If there are employees who have their arms crossed with unpleasant looks on their faces, the employer might conclude that they are not accepting the information well and decide to watch them closely to ensure they follow protocol. This may have a negative effect on the employee because they could feel that they are being punished or pointed out when it all has to do with the way they were receiving the information.  
An instructor who is giving important information on an upcoming test to students who are all sitting up straight with pleasant looks on their faces and attentive eyes could very well assume that his class is absorbing the message well. Nodding of the head during communication could also implicate that the message is being received and understood.

Hand gestures, posture, eye contact, and facial expression are all used in demonstrative communication and depending...

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