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Delta Force Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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Delta Force

A man covered in complete dark green camouflage, slowly crouching through jungle with his M-4 or he is in a village in Afghanistan disgusted as one of the villagers, because blending in and being stealthy is his main objective. Expecting the worse but he is trained for the worse. A man of the wild, a man with character, a man that puts the dos equez guy to shame .That my reader is a Delta Force Operative. Why do they need to be stealthy or disgusted? Why are they so important? How can I join? These questions will be answered by the end of my passage now … just read!
First of all if you still don’t get by my opening paragraph or know anything about history, I’m gonna explain what Delta Force is. Pretty much it’s a very highly trained, discreet and very well equipped unit that gets missions and targets to eliminate that needs to be done fast and with extreme prejudice. You might ask well Luis why you can’t use regular infantry units. Ha because you want the best of the best to get the job done. You’re not gonna take a bunch of Prius’ to a race right? Of course you’re gonna take a sports car.
It was hard finding information on Delta Force since they’re a tier 1st unit and love keeping their exploits on the low key with the mass media, to not leave a trail or any kind of information out to the public. But I did the best of my ability to try to gather information and I did. I went to libraries, checked 100’s of websites, and talking to people whom have or had experiences with Delta Operatives. So please don’t judge to harshly on my work, I spent awhile trying to prepare this project. First I’ll start with telling you this unit’s origins, their missions through the years, their know training, and how they contribute to modern day life.
What are its origins? Well Delta Force is a part of Special Forces that was formed by a guy by the name of Colonel Charles Beckwith. He worked with the SAS as an exchange officer, which is United Kingdom’s Delta Force,...

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