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Definitions Essay

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THERMODYNAMICS:   Science of Energy and Entropy or the study of heat and work and related properties.

Energy:   Capability to produce an effect or the capacity for action or ability to cause changes.

Energy Conservation: Energy can change from form to another, but the total amount of energy remains constant.

1st Law of Thermodynamics: An expression of energy conservation principle and it asserts that energy is a thermodynamic property.

2st Law of Thermodynamics: Asserts that energy has quality as well as quantity and actual processes occur in the direction of decreasing energy.

Classical Thermodynamics: The macroscopic approach to the study of thermodynamics. It does not require knowledge of the behavior of individual particles.

Statistical Thermodynamics:   The microscopic approach to the study of thermodynamics.   It is based on the average behavior of large groups of individual particles.

Units:   Magnitudes assigned to dimensions.

Dimensionally homogeneous equation:   All the terms in the equation must have the same unit.

Work: is a form of energy defined as force acting through a displacement.

System:   A quantity of matter or region in space chosen for study.   It can be closed or open.

Closed System:   A quantity of matter of fixed mass and identity on which attention is focused for study.   No mass crosses the boundary of a closed system (also known as control mass) but energy can.

Open system:   A properly selected region in space upon which attention is focused for study or a fixed region of space, bounded by a control surface thro which energy and mass may pass. (also known as control volume).

Boundary:   The real or imaginary surface that separates the system from its surroundings.

Surroundings:   The mass or region outside the system.   The boundaries of a control volume are called a control surface.

Isolated System: No mass or energy is...

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