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Decisions In Paradise Part 1 Essay

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Decisions in Paradise Part 1
Sylvia Lopez
January 16, 2012
Bruce Fanger

Decisions in Paradise Part 1
The island of Kava has been through many disasters yet does not give up. Toppy-T will be building a new warehouse in Kava. The new warehouse will offer many residents in Kava an opportunity to work. Many natural disasters have erased many of the job opportunities many people in Kava had. Toppy-T is dedicated to helping better the island of Kava by offering them job opportunities and t-shirts at low prices.

Like I stated before Kava has been hit by many disasters and still have the will to survive. Kava is surviving through petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gases. Tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, and terrorism have hit Kava. The people of Kava have struggled with HIV/Aids and a high risk of the avian flu.   The people of Kava are ethically mixed. Their country houses many South Pacific tribes, Asian, African, French, Spanish and some Americans. Fifty percent of the Kava people are under the age of 15, which makes it hard for families to succeed financially. The force that is involved in the formulation of the problem for Kava is the fact that no one speaks the same language. The Kava people speak numerous indigenous languages as well as English, Spanish, and French. Kava needs to a company like Toppy-T because our goal is to have a long-standing, dedicated relationship with all of our customers. We are dedicated to all our stakeholders.

Toppy-T can help Kava by using our human resources to put Kava citizens to work. Toppy-T's leadership skills can help make Kava a stronger island. Chris, Alex and I are dedicated and stand by our mission to satisfy customer's needs by focusing on quality, innovation, and designs.

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