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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: MusikloveDess1
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Death penalty
The death penalty topic is a serious controversy in which morals and the justice system is involved. My opinion on this topic might not be correct and highly debatable but I do believe in the death penalty. They are many outcomes to the benefits of the death penalty but in all, it is said to be more expensive for people on death row due to the laws of inhumane behavior likw electric chair or gassing criminals. The overcrowding of prisons is absurd me. I feel that inmates who live in prison live a better life than people in poverty or who are poor because of the tax dollars we pay for inmates to have food, health care and are even provided jobs in the facility. Alabama, California and Massachusetts are the most overcrowded prisons in America. The Judicial system is responsible for the overcrowding because there are people waiting on death row, which takes years to file paper and continue with the process.
Knowing this is a controversial topic, I am for the death penalty because prisons become more overcrowding with the inmates who stay but then again, when someone commits the worst crime such as murder, they should live with the action. I would like to think that the murder will live with the guiltiest conscious of killing someone but the conscious should’ve been there in there in the first place before committing the crime. Even with much controversy, the death penalty might not even enough to stop the overcrowding of prisons. Also, there are many laws which are causing more prisoners. There are pity crimes causing people to go to prisons causing unnecessary sentencing and jail time.
As stated in Independent. Org, rape and brutality have become the main reason why prisoners are in prison. It’s considered the “norm” as to why many people are sent to prison. I understand that rape is a serious crime but there should be a facility or mental hospital for the people who are a rapist, not sent to jail. Even if rape is a serious crime, being in prison...

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