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Death and Dying Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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The African American Experience of Death and Rituals

The passing of a loved one is always a sad event and the support of friends and family is necessary in the grieving process. Culturally speaking I had never considered how the funeral customs of other cultures where conducted, I believed everyone celebrated the passing of their loved ones in the same way. African American funerals are usually conducted the same way regardless of economic status or the lifestyle the individual lived. A funeral is in respect a type of family reunion. There is both joy and sadness before and after the funeral. Family and friends congregate for several days and enjoy food, music and conversations of the dearly departed. Loved ones usually bring cards and extend monetary gifts before and after the funeral.
The traditions of African American funeral practices date back to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and combine Christian practices as well. During the slave trade, death provided a rare time for slave communities to congregate, socialize and celebrate. Although the death of a slave was not traumatic for the slave masters. The death by what ever circumstance was important for the slaves. The very basic service was held by an appointed slave minister and was often time for the slaves to gather in secret and speak about   the path to freedom and liberation.   These gathering took on a more formal nature after the Civil War and incorporated an order of service. The practice of “setting up” with the body for days before the actual burial has transitioned to the event of the “wake” Attendance at funerals was and is nearly mandatory in most communities for family and friends, and funerals retain the sense of important   religious events. The wake is an event where family and friends come to pay respects in the event they may not attend the actual funeral. It is occasionally   acceptable to only attend the wake. The informal wake is held immediately following the death of the loved one...

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