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Dbms Essay

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Chapter 1 Review Questions
CIT 170

  1. Redundancy is the duplication of data or the storing of the same data in more than one place. Some problems associated with redundancy include waste of space, making data changes cumbersome and time consuming, and inconsistencies.
  2. Some problems that are associated with the non-database approach are difficulty accessing data, limited security features, and size limitations.
  3. An entity is a person, place, object, event, or idea for which you want to store and process data. An attribute is a characteristic or property of an entity.
  4. A relationship is an association between entities. A one-to-many relationship is when many customers is related to one rep.
  5. A database is a structure that can store information about multiple types of entities, the attributes of those entities, and the relationships between those entities.
  6. A one-to-many relationship is created by using an ER diagram, and common columns in two tables. These are used to represent a relationship between a customer and a rep.
  7. An Entity relationship diagram is a virtual way to represent a database.
  8. A database management system is a program, or a collection of programs through which users interact with a database.
  9. Database design is when an expert determines the structure of a database then enters the design in the DBMS and creates several forms.
  10. A form is a screen object that is used to maintain, view, and print data from a database.
  11. With a non-database approach, it is nearly impossible to obtain all the information you need because it is scattered throughout many files, with a database approach all the files are stored in a single database making it easy to access information.
  12. Sharing of data means that various users can be combined and shared among authorized users, allowing access to a greater pool of data.
  13. A DBA is a person or group in charge of the database. The responsibilities...

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