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Dbm/380 Art Museum Database Environment Paper

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Art Museum Database Environment Paper
In an Information System designed for an Art Museum wanting to track information about the artwork it has on hand and/or in storage there are a few things to consider. Cost of building the system, cost of maintaining the system, and ease of access to the employee’s. The main problem with a system in this type of environment is simply storage. Art interests vary depending on season, style and popularity. What would be displayed one month would surely vary from the following month. Also taking into consideration any special events that the Museum may have means that locations of artwork will change regularly and the system itself will need to be maintained frequently. Due to the high demand for maintenance this will drive up the cost of maintaining the system by adding the need for an extra employee or two.
First we must look at the users of the system; who needs access, why do they need access and how will they access it. Due to concerns brought on by the high price of some artwork I am sure there will be a need for security. Not every user will need access to every aspect of the system nor will they need their own login information. So we will break the users of the system up into three different security levels for access to the system. This will keep the basic rules of access to the system similar to a clearance level access that one would find in government level security protocol. The security levels will be; high, medium and low. Low is the lowest security setting and has the least amount of access while high is the highest security setting and has the most amount of access. High and medium level users should have their own login which tracks the Internet Protocol Address and MAC Address of the current session, then logs what actions were taken and then saves it in a secure location on the server. Members of the high security level would be able to access all data at any time and any place. This means remote access would...

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