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Dbm/380 Essay

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July 27th, 2015
Wayne Anderson

      In reference to the service request, SR-ht-003, it is stated to assign both the entities and attributes according to the Huffing Trucking organization’s demands. Due to the lack of information from Smith Consulting, Team B has had to do our own research to find out what exactly these entities and attributes may be within the corporation to get a better idea as far as how the database should be laid out and scaled.
      The information that Smith Consulting collected seemed a bit overwhelming at first and somewhat convoluted however we were able to address both the entities and the attributes to each. The entities and attributes are as follows:
        • Parts Inventory Purchased – attributes being transaction ID, purchase date, purchase price, and the quantity of the part.
        • Parts Inventory Issued – attributes being transaction ID, issue date, purchase price and quantity of the part as well.
        • Parts catalogue – attributes being ID, description, type, manufacturer, quantity on hand, reorder point, reorder quantity.
        • Vendors – attributes being Vendor ID, name, order categorized (by address, street, city, state and zip), order contact, order phone number, order fax number, billing categorized (by address, street, city, state and zip), billing contact, billing phone number, billing fax number.
        • Parts Purchasing History – attributes being transaction ID, catalogue ID, quantity purchased, manufacturer ID, Order Quantity, price, shipping, tax, FOB.
        • Vehicle maintenance – attributes being vehicle serial number, vehicle part ID, Maintenance type ID, put in service date, last maintenance date, next scheduled maintenance date, under warranty flag.
        • Tire maintenance – attributes being barcode, type, vehicle type, manufacturer ID, put in service date, rotation schedule, last rotated, disposal date.
        • Maintenance...

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