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Db2 Question 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: nanniebou
  • on April 2, 2014
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There are several techniques that Krumboltz use to identify factors that are influencing decision making.   He begins by asking open-ended questions that allows the client to talk.   After the client speaks, he followed up by paraphrasing what the client said to ensure he has an understanding.   This tactic helps because it shows the client that he is indeed paying attention to what is being said.   Krumboltz asked the client to fantasize a future job offer.   By doing that, it gives the client the floor and allowed her to verbally speak those things that she truly wants. Once the client speaks, the counselor listens to everything and ultimately the client’s insecurities began to come out.  
Caroline’s insecurities included her fear of choosing a field that she may end up not liking and feeling an urgency to plan her life in its entirety.   That’s when Krumboltz encourage Caroline by letting her know that it’s okay if that was to happen.   He was basically telling her that life is a lesson and we learn all day every day.   He lets her know that we are not perfect and will never master any career; it’s always room to learn.   I loved that about Krumboltz.   He expressed to Caroline that in the event you get the education and then go into the field, you will still have those skills under your belt that you may use throughout your life anyways so you are not losing out.  
Krumboltz Happenstance Learning Theory is one that I find to be very affective.   Keeping the focus on Caroline’s views helped her to speak about her insecurities which are faced by many people today.   Krumboltz enthusiastic way of speaking to the client was very soothing.   His encouraging words made me feel that I can do anything that I put my mind to.   I know Caroline was in the counseling session but I envisioned myself in this session and got a lot out of it.  
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Happenstance Career Theory [Video...

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