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Day of the Butterfly Essay

  • Submitted by: Thumpernightowls
  • on April 4, 2014
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“Day of the Butterfly”

How can you attend school with another student for years and never notice them.   Helen doesn’t start to remember Myra Sayla until her last year, even though Myra had attended school two to three years. When Myra’s little brother Jimmy started attending First grade, he was not use to going to the bathroom by himself, so would go get Myra.   When Myra asked the teacher, the whole room heard and started giggling. This brought their attention to Myra and Jimmy for the first time.

  Sometimes Jimmy could not make it to the bathroom and he would wet himself, and Myra would have to take him home to change. Jimmy could not go out the playground at recess, because the other boys would laugh at him and chase him to the back and hit him with tree branches. Jimmy was terrified and embarrassed. There was a girl’s side and boy’s side, so Myra stayed with Jimmy in the little back porch, between the two sides. They sat there with their heads bent, body hunched and quite still, looking weary.   They had oily shining hair, which Jimmy’s was home cut and Myra wore her hair in braids coiled on the crown of her head. They looked as alone as they actually were, cut totally off from the other children.

  The sixth grade teacher Mrs. Darling would watch the children on the playground through a window. She noticed Jimmy and Myra back there everyday and felt sorry for them. She asked the sixth grade girls to be talk and try to be nice to Myra.   With the brutal force of her personality and maturing early, Gladys Healy is the supposed leader of the group. Her parents own the Dry Goods and Ladies Wear, so she wore plaid skirts, organdie blouses, velvet jackets with brass buttons. She starts making fun of Mrs. Darling for making the request and tells the girls to be nice to Myra. So the girls do start going over to talk to Myra, not to include her or be nice, but really to make fun of her. It started as a game, they would go over on a signal and ask...

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