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Database Management System Essay

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Brendan Kelly


April 13, 2015


    Database systems keep all the information and data you need to run a business or even keep your school notes together and with them we “1use information as an organizational resource.” They are used primarily used to process data, store it and be able to retrieve it at a moments notice when the information is needed. Once the data is collected, it needs to be managed and that is where a Data Base Management System (DBMS) comes into play.
    A Data Base Management System is a technology that retrieves and stores ones data which is very efficient and has its own security features so it is safe for anyone to use. This allows users to make their own databases that relate to the work that they do. From a major corporation to a small family owned business a DBMS will keep all of your essential data in order and in a place that is easy to access   when needed.
    Database Architecture is when the needs of a user is met by a database architect who implements and develops software with a focus on design. They help maintain a “2computer’s program that store and organize information for businesses, agencies and institutions.” Two common databases are Oracle and Microsoft Access that use “2several languages to create databases such as structured query language (SQL).”
    In an SQL Server there are 4 systems databases which are Master, TEMPDB, MSDB and Model (Shown in Fig. A below). A Master database has necessary information about the server’s configuration and without it, the server cannot be started. The TEMPDB stores temporary objects like tables and stored procedures. The MSDB “3stores information related to database backups and SQL Server jobs” while the Model database is used in the creation of new databases.
3Figure A:
    In the SQL Server there are User Databases such as Payroll, Sales and Employees that are what I deal with on a daily basis at my...

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