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Darfur Essay

  • Submitted by: tarawera4
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The situation in the area of Darfur in Sudan is the world’s most serious tragedy at present. Since 2003, conflict between black African tribes and the Arab Janjaweed who are supported   by the Sudanese government has taken place of because of environmental and ethnic differences. The result has been ethnic cleansing and what some have described as genocide. As a consequence organisations have struggled to cope with the situation. International humanitarian groups have been sent to Darfur but have had little success.   UNAMID is attempting to keep the peace and promote peace. T   his issue looks like it will not be settled for a long time.

There are a number of causes behind the crisis in Darfur. The conflict origins began because of many of the following tragedies, Hunger, draught, corrupt government, lack of resources, no protection and much more. Hunger is one of the main problems in Darfur. They have a lack of forest and animals and are struggling to find resources to gather food.   They are starving and have to go days if not weeks without any food what so ever. Also with water, draught is a major issue and they have no water to survive off of.   War in Darfur is increasing and is getting out of reach for the Sudan government and the Darfur people. The Sudan Government sent the Janjaweed to attack the Darfur people. After the attacks the Darfurians rebelled against them but only to increase the violence between the Janjaweed and the Rebels.   The Darfurians have no protection and are at edge every day.

Responsibility for the crisis can be given to the Sudan government. This is because the Sudan government has paid the Janjaweed to set out to kill the black Africans so they can all claim more land. The Sudan government is supplying the Janjaweed with weapons to kill the black Africans. The Darfurians got sick of the murdering and tortures and decided to fight back. It increased the violence between the Janjaweed and the Rebels.   The Janjaweed have committed...

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