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Dalyrmple's Resentment Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Jonta Whitehead
Instructor’s Name
11 Dec 2013
Analysis of Dalrmple’s Resentment
Dalrymple starts off by telling that resentment is one of the more harmful emotions that humans fall prey to.   He then begins to explain that depending on whom it is he or she could dwell on their resentment for five hours to about three years.   Dalrymple then says that because we live in a world that has a never ending cycle of injustice; everyone feels that they can have a justifiable reason to have so sort of resentment towards someone else, but that resentment they feel is not equivalent to their so-called cause of it.   Afterwards he then compares how people who have lived a life full of benefits to those who have experienced horrifying treatment in their life.   Dalrymple then uses the rhetorical appeals to describe how others used resentment.
Dalrymple uses the appeal of logos when he starts to mention some of the former dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.   He says that people like this use the resentment that they have stored up over their younger years when they experience many trivial sights.   The effects of these accumulated experienced turned into revenge against their former tormentors.   Various things made guys like these resentful to others.   One example of a random thing making someone resentful of someone else is when Mengistu, the Ethiopian dictator form the late 1970’s to early 90’s.   There was a man that denied Mengistu a scholarship to a United States college and because of that he would later be killed by Mengistu.   Another example Dalrymple used would be Equatorial Guinea’s Macias Nguema.   Nguema, who was constantly questioned about his educational accomplishments, had one third of his small country executed for either wearing glasses or having just a single piece of printed material.   These are just a few of the examples of people who had gained resentment from something or someone and then the effect was them unleashing their...

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