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Cynical Essay

  • Submitted by: Christina4297
  • on March 31, 2014
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Cynical is the belief that people are encouraged by self-interest. A cynical person is distrustful of human integrity or sincerity. They are often doubtful as to whether something is worthwhile or will even happen in the first place.

   Perhaps the part of me that observed listlessly but saw all, missing nothing, was still the malicious, arguing part; the dissenting voice, my grandfather part; the cynical, disbelieving part-the traitor self that always threatened internal discord. 
What does bitter mean?

A bitter person is a person without inner peace and full of so much resentment. An individual gets bitter, because of anger, judgment, and commendation and unfulfilled expectations. Also, uncontrolled bitterness yields, insensitivity, ingratitude, and depression.
“Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison presents a main character who is invisible in the sense that people refuse to see him.  It is not something physical about him, rather it is that people don’t seem to recognize his existence, even if they see him with their physical eyes.  What I notice about the first chapter is that the main character, the invisible man, goes to great lengths to feel alive.  Because he is invisible to other people he feels that perhaps he does not exist, or that he is dead.  So the invisible man goes to extremes to feel his aliveness.  He fills his home with 1369 electric light bulbs so that he can enjoy light.  He powers these lights with power that he steals from the electric company, and he describes his theft of the power as a “battle” between him and the company.  When the invisible man wants music he desires to listen to it on not one, but five phonographs, so that he can feel the music more clearly.  The invisible man feels shunned, deliberately forgotten and ignored, and he feels that this injustice done to him by others gives him the right to act irresponsibly toward the rest of society.  For the invisible man these illegal actions are a way of asserting himself.

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