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Cyber Offense Essay

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Cyber Offense and Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking is a term that is closely related with the term hacker ethics which signifies the moral values and philosophy that are standard in the hacker community. These standards are the benchmarks that the ethical hackers follow in order to be confined within the boundary of ethical behavior in the world of web. These ethical hackers are often named as white hat hackers.
The rise of cyber offense
Everyday new ways and mediums of cyber offense is being introduced. New viruses, new malware, new ways to crack through even the most robust online defenses is being created and released in the market on a daily basis. The area of threat of cyber offense is no more confined to simple password breaking, viral infection, and the exploitation of weakness in online access safeguards, but has extended to serious and alarming issues like cyber-espionage, data asset theft, and denial of service attacks. Add to this the proliferating problem of 'hacktivism' – the deployment of hacking techniques as a means of protest to promote political ends.
Role of ethical Hackers
The main function of ethical hacking is to prevent cyber offenses and safeguard valuable information from the hands of the unethical hackers.
To any rational human being the perception of a hacker revolves around negative values such as data fraud, identity theft, and maybe even cyber terrorism. However, not all hacking activities are focused on the negative aspects that we perceive or relate to hackers and their actions. Indeed, different types of ‘hacking’ have often been conducted by organizations or institutions as a method of testing the defenses of their institutions' security system. For example, in the 1970s, the united states gave a green light for a team of experts to attack its own computer systems to assess their security robustness. Moving on to the present day, we now have a booming industry that is roughly based around the idea of ethical...

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