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Curriculum Conceptions Essay

  • Submitted by: RautayaShigwedha
  • on August 20, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Curriculum Conceptions" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This written piece of assignment attempts to explain with practical examples how the five conceptions of curriculum which are: curriculum as technology; curriculum as development cognitive process; curriculum as self-actualisation; curriculum as social construction and curriculum as academic rationalism, play a role in three subjects (environmental study, Arts education and religious education). Moreover, the assignment will express school experiences and how these conceptions contributed to learning as a student.
A curriculum conception or theory is defined as a certain approach that is used in the development and also enactment of a curriculum. The curriculum can also be seen and understood in terms of different conceptions and they include the academic rationalist conception, the humanistic conception, the cognitive perception and the social re-constructionist conception
The academic rationalist conception
The academic rationalism conceptualizes curriculum as distinct disciplines or subjects. The conception puts more emphasis on the responsibilities of the schools in enabling the young people in this case the children in lower primary phase, share their
The academic rationalists further believe that the curriculum should develop the mind of the learners with knowledge that can be objective and which can also be tested through empirical reasoning and evidence.
From a rational perspective the development of the mind is achieved through the mastering of the fundamental knowledge structure relations that are logical, meaning, criteria for assessment and the evaluation of the truth. The academic rationalists however do not limit their conception only to the transmission of the knowledge that is in existence to the future generations. This conception on the other hand indicates that knowledge can be also be created and the
The cognitive processes conceptions
In the cognitive conception the content is criticized by others as being excessive and it also puts no...

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