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Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: Koslov69
  • on April 1, 2014
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It is hard to think how we got to where we are now. Many special events had to happen in order for us to be where we are now. Many people, including myself refer back to their privileges in order to answer the question, how I got here. To be privileged is to have a helping hand throughout your life and also have luck on your side. Everybody has a privilege, but it’s what someone decides to do with that given privilege that makes the difference. Many people have certain traits or characteristics they like about themselves. Some wonder why they became the person they are now and why they like certain things and not others. There are many answers to these questions, but one simple answer is the culture someone is raised in. By examining yourself and examining the culture around you, many of these “why” questions can be answered. As people examine themselves internally and externally a identity is formed. Identities help people distinguish which group to be apart of and also help distinguish similarities between others. But with so many identities come so many misconceived notions of people. Many people on the outside can only guess to what you may become. These preconceived perceptions are sometimes called stereotypes. Stereotypes can either decrease someone’s love of a culture or can increases their love for their culture even more. The key is for every “insider” to always stay true to themselves and never be ashamed of the culture they live in.
Now I will write about my self-examination and try to understand why I am the way I am and how I deal with my surrounding culture. To start, I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994. In 1998, my sister (not biological) and I were fortunate and privileged to be adopted by two loving Americans.
My parents brought my sister and I to our new home in St. Charles, Missouri. As I grew older, I noticed the culture I was living in and around. I noticed that St. Charles was an old, historic city and was mostly comprised of...

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