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Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Joycelyn Williams

In regards to doing such research, my article obtains information on the Hispanic Culture. Through my readings, I found out that undocumented workers made less wages than U.S citizens and legal immigrants. Should this be an issue that shall become legal?. Or should there be a wage differential according to immigration status rather legal or undocumented.
In certain places of the world, for instance Houston mean while we have no clear answers as to why wages remain low. A common concern was brought   up leaving at this time for some questions unanswered. As far as why the wages remain low when it comes to legal and undocumented workers. This social concern was brought up in discussion, that such was about legal rights to the U.S. Residency that caused workers that was not legal to make less wages than the workers that are legal documented. It came down to if you weren’t legal in the U.S. Legally the wage exploitation may have manifested in behavioral changes on both demand and supply sides of the market. It was also brought out through employers that discount productivity based wages offered productivity based wages to those who became fear of possible exposure and deportation, that they may accept lower wage offers rather then risk possible apprehension while taken place in extended job search.
This demand between employers being undocumented would result in wage differentials between the latter and equally qualified legal workers. The purported existence of such wage differentials played a part in this decision to approve limit amnesty to long term illegal alien residents that was incorporated into the 1986 revisions to the U.S. Immigration law.
Many issues came up for reasons as to why the government denied long term residents, the legal rights to live and work in the   United States perpetuated lower wages, a situation at odds, with notions of the United States as a land of economic opportunity and justice. The granting of amnesty ,...

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