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Css Description Types Essay

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CSS Description Types

HTML layout documents are defined by a style language referred to as Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. CSS is used to determine margins, colors, fonts, lines, background images, height, width and other various elements of a web page. Supported by almost all Internet browsers today; CSS is more sophisticated and accurate than HTML. CSS has three levels and each have a particular order of importance or preference.
Embedded styles allow a web designer to work exclusively within the X-HTML layout however; the styles are grouped together as part of one element within the head of the document.   Similar to the rule of inline styles, embedded styles allow a web designer to override the rules of an existing external style sheet.   Pros of embedded styles are that all the CSS is located in one place on the web page and is good to use when pages have different styles. Cons of embedded styles are that all of the web pages will need its own embedded style making it very tedious to changes website wide if every page has the same layout.
Just like an HTML attribute is used, an inline style rule is coded right into an HTML tag within the source code. Inline styles allow a web designer to override an embedded or an external linked style rule and allow the quick changes of style instead of using a reusable rule. In order to override an external link or embedded style, an inline style has to be coded into each HTML element each time.   In a nutshell, Inline CSS tags are embedded into the individual HTML tags and are the first choice of preference because it overrides the external and embedded styles. Pros of inline styles are that the rules are good when a web designer wants to apply a certain style to a few tags or just one. Cons outweigh the pro because inline styles can weigh down the website by having to declare styles for every link, header and paragraph. It defeats the purpose of separating logical code and content.
External styles also referred to...

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