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Csp Reflection 3 Essay

  • Submitted by: roshaine
  • on April 2, 2014
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Reflection # 3

While volunteering at Hope Gardens, there was only one problem encountered and two problems witnessed. The problem encountered was that there weren’t enough equipment for the volunteers to use and some of the equipment that was available was in terrible condition.   The first problem witnessed was that visitors to Hope Gardens deliberately litter the environment and the second was that there weren’t enough employees to clean the entire estate on a daily basis therefore the current employees were being overworked. The problem of not enough equipment and faulty equipment is a problem prevalent in the wider Jamaican society. There are many companies and organizations that aren’t able to fulfil their potential because of this problem for e.g. High schools across Jamaica have faulty lab equipment therefore students won’t be able to do assignment properly or the local gym down the street don’t have enough equipment for customers to use. The problem of garbage pollution is very prevalent in Jamaica as it is impossible to find a street without any garbage. The problem of not having enough employees is also prevalent in Jamaica is also very prevalent as there are many cases in Jamaica where employees are being overworked due to the fact that there isn’t anybody else to share the workload with.
The first goal states that “Jamaicans are Empowered to Achieve their Fullest Potential”. We will not be able to achieve this goal if we do not possess or have enough of all the right materials and equipment or if the equipment present is faulty, especially in our schools. If we do not have enough equipment then only a selected few will be empowered to achieve their fullest potential while the remaining lot will be unable to. With faulty equipment it is possible to reach full potential but it will be more difficult and it will take more time. If more Jamaicans are empowered to reach their full potential then the issue of not having enough employees will be solved....

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