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Cs Pre Prepared Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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CS-Extended Response
The Christian Studies course seeks to demonstrate the relevance of Christianity to all aspects of life. Pick two or three of the things you have learned this semester and explain their significance to the way that we live.
During this semester in Christian studies we have looked at many arguments against Christ and evidence for the Bible. In particular two things that can be related to our lives are the study of epistemology and different ways of reading Genesis. Epistemology touches on different types of evidence in life. Creation and evolution talks about how we can view Genesis so that it does not contradict science.
Epistemology if the study of learning and in particular in the Christian studies course we looked at different types of evidence. In this unit we looked at 3 main types of evidence: scientific, historical and personal. We learnt that scientific evidence is all based on repeating experiments and making observations which lead to knowledge about a certain aspect of science or life. Historical evidence is obtained through reading sources and gathering evidence through historical documentation. Finally personal evidence in based on individual discovery and inner convictions and this has a major significance to the way that we live. As opposed to scientifically and historical evidence we as individuals have the power to control our personal evidence which shapes the way we are. This allows us to be the person we want to be and we can become this person through self-discovery and inner morality. An example of this is going to church; there is no need for scientific or historical evidence but rather only the need for your own personal evidence of God and his works. There may be historical and scientific evidence that also proves God but overall it is your own personal evidence which will control your thoughts on God. This can apply to any belief you may have.
The second topic that we covered in the Christian studies course this...

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