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Critical Theory Analysis

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Short Paper 2
Tochi Ojukwu
The short story that will be diagnosed will be A & P. The scene that will be diagnosed is the scene where the girls are walking in the store and the narrator describes what they look like. This scene will be diasected with many techniques in order to present the meaning. Also the feminist theory will be used to examine this story as well.
The character in this scene is the lead girl who is in an intoxicating bikini, and is walking like she is on the runway. The narrator says that he and Stokesie where watching her along with everyone else but this girl kept her eyes moving across the racks. This is like a model on the runway becasue the model as soon as she starts walking doesn't look away, she only looks staight ahead. This shows that this girls character is that of a queen. She thinks very highly of   herself, and she loves the attention that she gathers, even though she acts like she doesn't. She knows exactly what she is doing, and she knows how to get anyone's attention.
The setting is in a super market. It is similar to a runway though. In a runway you have a clear lane to walk down and to the sides you have the crowd that stares at you and judges how you look. This scene in A & P, is similar to that. It has a clear lane to walk down, and there are people to each side of her that are starig and judging waht she looks like as well. Just like a model making that runway her own, this A & P girl makes the A & P her own. She acts like she is just one of the most amazing people you will ever see.
The main meaning of this scene is to show that amazing people can show up the most ordinary of places. This is evident in the A & P scene, the narrator is just astonished by these girls that walk into the store. He then pays super close attention to the girl that is leading them, he sees her as a queen, or maybe something more. "She held her head so high her neck, coming up out of those white shoulders, looked kind of...

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