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Crisis Communication And Golden Hour Essay

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1. Introduction

In crisis management, the most challenging part of crisis communication is to react with timeliness. Once a crisis occurs, an organization is required to take actions within a transient yet crucial period of time. This short duration is called Golden Hour in crisis literature. It is the early phrase when the organization’s response has the greatest influence to the consequence. In terms of crisis response, it is pivotal for an organization to respond correctly and efficiently, which requires strategic guidelines and approaches taken into real practice. The seven dimensions of crisis communication management, provided by Lukaszewski, contribute as a practical model to the communicative reaction once a crisis occurs. The seven critical dimensions are operations, victims, trust, behavior, professional expectations, ethics and lessons learned. The model helps develop frameworks for crisis response and behaviors, eliminating the damaging consequences and restoring an organization’s reputation in post-crisis period.

However, it is neither effective nor possible to fulfill each dimension thoroughly in Golden Hour, for the time is very limited. There must be a priority to emphasize on one or two dimensions during the very first phrase. This article aims to explore that the priority dimensions should be operations and victims through the Golden Hour. Besides this introduction part, the article covers four parts, basically.

In the first part a deep literature review will be provided with controversial theories about the exact duration of Golden Hour, its importance and the necessary actions that are supposed to take during Golden Hour. At the end of this part, we will come up with our research question and hypothesis. Part two will illustrate the two dimensions of operations and victims that are specifically regarded as priority during Golden Hour after the crisis occurred. A detailed case study will be undertaken about the Columbine high school...

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