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Criminolgy and Public Policy Essay

  • Submitted by: Mike5D2
  • on April 14, 2015
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Michael Davidson

Criminology and Public Policy


Professor Grace Mickles

Due Date 4/8/15

Ph 1 DB 1

I believe if psychoanalytical theory was never formed, it would affect the development of society adversely. Psychoanalytical theory contributes to a lot of important rationales within the society. It includes personality structure, defense mechanisms, the unconscious as well as various psychology theories (Cherry, 2012). Studies show that if psychoanalytical theory never existed, all of these important developments of human psychology could of lead to a standstill. In my opinion, I believe that the society would look down on abused individuals, that had schizophrenia or had Tourette's syndrome. This will include separating these types of people from the society, in which they would have to bare high torture leading to advance harassment of these people.

In the future, if it's confirmed about crimes being committed due to definite biological reasons, it will definitely have an impact with crime rates. Crime rates would increase, in which such cases for the short terms and the criminals would get excuses for the crimes that were being committed as a result of certain biological reason. However, for long-term purpose, the government can look for other ways towards controlling these reasons, in which crime rates can decrease.

In my opinion, the types of laws or regulations should examine individuals that are against these biological factors in schools, colleges, as well as job levels. According to research, each person during the entrance within educational institute and during the recruitment, are to carry out exams against the factors that can be compulsory for all (Bronfenbrenner, 1994). In this case, it will ensure and determine the amount of biological factors that can persuade crimes amongst individuals. With that said, the process, as a part of job recruitment, should be carried out as a compulsorily screening....

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