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Criminal Law Eval Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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Criminal Law Evaluation
University of Phoenix
CJA 354
February 7, 2012

Since criminal law is the basis for criminal justice, it is important to know the sources and purposes to the criminal law. The purpose of criminal law is for the protection of any and every one people and nature against harm. The criminal law is put in place to minimize if not remove threats against society and nature. Criminal law is put in place to protect the people interest and the criminal law prohibits conduct that can cause to threaten the public and it subject the criminal to criminal punishments and the law can tell between minor offenses and very serious offenses and to protect society they must demand punishment for the crime and it can demand rehabilitation for those who have committed criminal crimes. In criminal law there are different sources of criminal laws that can range from a variety starting with common laws and down towards state and federal laws as well the U.S. Constitutions.
In the 19 century they began to adopt criminal codes and as far as today the state differs and continue to abide by the laws but some states don’t recognize the   common laws and as well there is no federal common law crimes but the state does have the authority to protect the safety and well-being of the community . In the early laws the American institute started a penal code that encourage and to inform and to reform the state statues .The Constitution assigns various people to the federal government so that they can form the different federals criminal code. The U.S. and state constitutions decided to put limits on standard on criminal laws.
The jurisdiction is a place where the police has a right to arrest you legally. Take for example that in the old west you could cross the state lines or county lines and the police would not have the authority to arrest a person unless there was an agreement between the county or city where the incident took place and if you...

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