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Criminal Justice Essay

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Criminal Justice Paper

1. Determine how you would react in this situation.
Would you have fired shots? If so, when?   No, I would not fire at the teen unless he pulled the gun out, and I would not shoot to kill.
Explain why your actions would be reasonable and justified.   The teen did not pull the gun out and just because someone won’t do what you are telling them isn’t a reason to shoot them.
2. Explain what kind of Constitutional Rights/issues are important here.
Identify the Constitutional Rights that you should consider in this scenario.   It is illegal to break an entry and/or trespass. The right to bear arms.
3. Assuming the suspect is arrested, explain the arresting procedure.
How would you conduct an arrest when dealing with this suspect?     I would first call for back-up. Then when it arrived I would carefully approach the teen with my gun drawn and ask him to turn around and put his hands above his   head.
What steps would you take to safely and quickly execute this arrest?     I would tell the teen to turn around put his hands on his head and spread his legs so I could remove the bb gun and search for any other weapon he might have. Put his hands behind his back and handcuff him as I read him his rights and escort him to the patrol car.
4. Discuss what sort of communication you (the officer) had with dispatch.
What information did dispatch provide you with?   Dispatch informed me that there was a house burglary in progress at 250 52nd street . And to proceed with caution.
Would you speak with dispatch upon location arrival? If so, what information would you give?     I would let dispatch know I have arrived on scene and that there appeared to be someone between the ages of 13-16 in near the back door. I would request for back-up.
5. What sort of information would you (the officer) collect in your field notes for use in your incident report?
Think details and specifics.   I would be sure to write down that the teen had a bb gun in his pants,...

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