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Creative Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: SaraShamsi1
  • on April 16, 2015
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Is creative writing an active medium to develop writing skills among learners?does creative writing have precedence over traditional writing tasks?
Give a rational for your answer

Creative writing can be termed as the writing that is done to record an experience , share thoughts, imagine and create events or simply writing done to enhance the writing skills. Creative writing motivates learners to become writers for life. It is not a skill but an art . An Art because it teaches students to creates master pieces on paper. I use the word teaches because before the learner presents its final draft his work has gone through a fine process.The learner has an audience to write to . He has been presented with ideas in shapes of stimulants[ picture clues, writing prompts etc]. The learner has brainstormed various ideas. He is in a relax environment where he knows mistakes are my friends.

Whereas in traditional writing motivation is less. A traditional writing task has no prompt,clues or rubric points with it. It can vary from being a one word like “Friendship”,   “Railway” to a sentence like “ When you received a phone call in the middle of the night ”. Learners with a reading habit or good writing background may excel in this environment  
I agree that Creative writing is an active medium to develop writing skills among learners and it does have precedence over traditional writing.
In creative writing the first step before the task itself is given to students a teacher uses a warm up activity . The warm-up activity provides a lead in to the task it . This develops students interest towards the task. It also relaxes students creating a healthy learning environment
The second step is getting ideas through brain storming. This gives a learner a path to follow he is not stumbling blind.

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