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Creative Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: khilan
  • on March 22, 2012
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The sun lowered on the horizon, streaks of indigo and crimson threshed the afternoon sky. A solitary sunflower swayed in the breeze, boasting it blooming yellow colour; without a care in the world, just swaying about in the wind’s gentle breath.

After aimlessly wandering I hopped off my bed lethargically and left my bedroom. I entered the hallway, a sweet, crisp and tantalising smell wafted through the fresh air. It seemed unusual for our house; it was always squalid and often smelt quite putrid, thanks to my brothers and their repugnant antics. I peered into the kitchen watching my mother intently, busily bustling about, attending to pots, pans; you name it she was preparing a banquet. I watched her, cooking with such alacrity, attempting to please us all and being thanked with a few words of gratitude. I feel sorry for my mother; she doesn’t often smile, always slaving to complete domestic duties without any help or company. My father would often be absent for long periods of time, with his training and all. The only company she really had was my grandmother, she’s rather a cantankerous old wizened woman who constantly condemned my mother’s style of raising my brothers and I. “Fools those children are, they know nothing about Britains history, I don’t even know why you bother”, she would continually say with a digressed tone. She was one of a kind my grandmother, she though highly about her homeland and her patriotism was admirable. I left silently in search of my recalcitrant young brothers; they were usually mucking outside the house, being typical vigorous young boys. I walked towards the front porch in search of them, they came rapidly from around the house panting madly, and within a flash they were at it again, disappearing around the corner of the house.

Things seem so much easier when you are younger; you are free of any burden, much like a sunflower in the summer’s breeze. I turned to see my grandmother, still as ever with that reminiscent grim...

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