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Craiglist Joe Review

  • Submitted by: InusukiVs1
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: History
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Craigslist Joe
Director: Joe Garner
Year of release: 2012
Filmed: 2008
Joe Garner leaves his life behind in LA to try and live off of the generosity of people through Craigslist for 31 days. He severed all connection with the people he knew, didn’t bring any money with him, and brought just his laptop, toothbrush, wireless card and a phone. He wanted to see if in a day and age where technology has disconnected us all from our communities, if he could use technology to connect with people who are still willing to help one another. Through this journey he managed to travel from LA to New York and back .

- It is a very interesting idea in my opinion
- it’s admirable to move from such a great zone of comfort to practically nothing for 31 days
- interesting to see all the different people he meets and their stories but I wish we got a deeper look
- Joe sadly doesn’t ask very many questions or provide a lot of insight or opinions on the situations or people he meets. He doesn’t bring the audience in as a part of his journey, we are more just watching it
-similar to super size me with the 31 day journey but made me reflect more on my life actions
- though it lacked in the narrative all the stories still affected me and made me realize that even involving myself to be more generous in my community can make an impact
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