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Courtship - Nineteenth Century Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Evolution of Dating

From the nineteenth century until today’s twentieth century the evolution of dating has greatly progressed. Women not being able to speak unless spoken to and now were some run the relationship in today’s century.
Advances in today’s technology couples are now able to find each other on dating websites.   This topic sparks an interest in me. We are the same people and we live in the same country, but our advances in dating have changed so profoundly.
The 1800’s consisted of colonial times, where males and females took on different roles in their communities. Women were taught domestic duties such as cleaning, properly speaking, and cooking. As men worked in the fields and did not interact with women except at social gatherings. Women were under rules by learning how to act, speak, and clothing when they were to interact with Men. Women in this time relied solely on their families or spouse to provide for them; courtship was a way to ensure her future. Men were allowed to marry when they were able to support his family with his own income. When men showed interest in women they would dance and correspond in letters. Before men and women could marry there was waiting period during courtship. Courtship was thought of as a necessity it was looked at as the bridge to marriage and children. It was a stage of expression where sex-roles were ignored; the main goal was to get to know each other and views on their perspective of the world. Love was not important to them. It wasn’t a romantic love instead they looked for sincerity in their courtship.
Letters became a prominent attribute in the means of communication. Men and women would write about love and things they enjoyed; but they were not in love. Letter would assure to lead to an engagement. Rings were shown to the parents in order to gain permission. The men would bend down on one knee to ask for their hand in marriage. Women wore white gowns and a veil show signs of purity. Lower class...

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