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Corruption in Kenya Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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The problem of corruption and Election Fraud in Kenya has been greatly enhanced and catalyzed by the political issue in the country. This paper seek s to explore on this issue in broader a way and at the same time providing a solution based on the value of public good. Various scholars have come with a variety of theoretical definition about what public good is.Nevertheless, Public good can be defined the will to provide services to the society by an individual, organization or the government (Bardhan, 2007, P.1323). This is an action that is taken for the well-being or benefit of the as opposed to individual interests. In most cases there is a conflict between the public good and private interests. Public good is closely tied to integrity which mean the use of public power for the public good (Eifert, Miguel & Posner 2010, and P.501).
Public good is important in the prevention of corruption and election fraud through building of integrity. To deal with these problems, a governing body need to embrace three areas of focus in order enhance transparency and integrity in order to promote better delivery of public services. The first element that should be considered is to build systematic integrity within the society and establish the rule of law (Eifert, Miguel & Posner 2010, P.494). The second element is strengthening of institutional capacity and civil society organizations so that systematic integrity public good becomes a reality. It is often important to create public awareness that what is sought is not merely meant to curb corruption or integrity improvement but the real impacts of this program seeks is have improvement in public services delivery and establishing the rule of law (Eifert, Miguel, & Posner 2010, P.500).

This paper majorly explores on how the political issue has been a major driver of corruption and election fraud in Kenya. Elections in Kenya have often failed to meet...

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