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Consumer Behavior Essay

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                          CONSUMER LEARNING
                                    Course Name: Consumer Behavior
                                            Course No: 325
Submitted To
Dr. A.N.M. Sayeedul Haque Khan
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka
Submitted By
Moidul Islam
Roll No: 139
Section: A
Batch: 15th
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka

Date of submission: September 14, 2011

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Consumers’ learning is an important component of consumer behavior. Consumer learning can be thought of as the process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience that they apply to future related behavior. In order for learning to occur, certain basic elements must be present. The elements included in most learning theories are motivation, cues, response, and reinforcement. Five of the most important general characteristics of learning are strength of learning, extinction, stimulus generalization, stimulus discrimination, and the response environment. There are many types learning theories such as Behavioral Theory of Leaning, Cognitive Theory of Learning, Involvement Theory of Learning. Knowledge of learning principles can be useful in understanding how consumers wants and motives are acquired and how their tastes are developed. General characteristics of learning helps marketing managers to make marketing decisions.

This work deals with the following aspects: what is consumer learning, elements of consumer learning, and different theories of consumer learning.


What is Consumer Learning?
Consumer Learning can be thought of as the process by which individuals acquire the...

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