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Conspiracy Theories Essay

  • Submitted by: Nitront
  • on March 22, 2012
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The Government of the United States of America is established to run our country and provide protection from domestic and foreign troubles. Little do the Americans know that our country is just as corrupt and just as immersed in protecting the country rather than the actual people as the rest of the world is. From experimenting on fellow Americans (who were unaware of the testing) to discover ways to control minds, to blowing up two symbolic buildings for the instigation of war, to murdering people that were a “threat to national security”; the governments of not only the United States but also of countries like England have taken drastic measures to cover up their “misdoings” which are called conspiracies by the public.
One of the most notorious conspiracy theories today involves the United States very own Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, in their attempt to accomplish mind control. Though many of their attempts are unrecorded or unknown, people have been known to mysteriously commit suicide after being a part of a CIA operation. One example is Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber.   It is believed that he was part of a mind control attempt through MK-ULTRA or “Artichoke” program. These programs used drugs, like LSD, to get “induced anxieties” that was suppose to make the person so submissive and cooperative that they would go against the natural instinct of self-preservation to carry out an order. Another “known” example is a man that was a CIA biochemist who worked in creating biological weapons, Frank Olson. It was said that in 1953 he was given a dosage of LSD, unbeknownst to him, from which he suffered a psychotic episode and flung himself out of a ten story window. Olson in truth was believed to be unreliable in keeping secrets about the CIA and was taken care of in the name of “national security”.
National Security was breached on September 11, 2001, the story the American people know is that Osama Bin Laden planned a terrorist attack on American and...

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