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Confidential Essay

  • Submitted by: gibsonbd
  • on April 1, 2014
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J is a fifty three year old Caucasian male on assessment. He is a certified public accountant (CPA) and currently is working part time from home. His wife N referred him for an assessment in regards to his depression. J has had many surgeries including two knee surgeries two elbow surgeries and his most current surgery, his back where a nerve was cut off by a cist.
J lives with his wife N which has provided us information as a collateral contact.   N said that J was an alcoholic sober five years, before then he was drinking “two bottles of vodka a day”. J was coping with his prior surgeries with alcohol and was always off the pain killers a few weeks after surgeries. J is currently taking 5mg Percocet, 7 ½ mg Percocet, low dose dilaudid (as needed), a cholesterol medication, an acid reflux medication and flexural. N also expressed her concern with how much pain medication he has been taking saying “J was certainly sneaky when he was drinking”. J has a very concerned and supportive wife who is willing to participate in his treatment plan.
J reports feeling depressed because he is not able to do the things he use to do. N reported that J has experience weight loss, has been less able to focus and has a lot of difficulty sleeping. J reports taking flexural to sleep through the night.
J reported no known drug or alcohol abuse in his family at the time of assessment. He has two older brothers whom he is still in contact with. His mother and father are both deceased. J has two children one whom is a twenty one year old female Jr. in med school, and a twenty four year old male who lives in Dayton Ohio and is married. J reports spending time with his friends about one time a week. He also reports taking pain medication from them when he runs out or leaves it at home.
In 1983 J reported being charges with a DUI while he was on vacation with his wife in Mertal Beach. He has also reported driving drunk multiple times without being caught. Also he was in a few accidents...

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