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Computers Essay

  • Submitted by: nismofunes
  • on April 1, 2014
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Computers: A Beneficial Invention or a Harmful Invention
It is true that computers have replaced many jobs and have made the humans lazier. But   despite all of these negative impacts of computers in society, computer is still a beneficial electronic device. It transformed the way we communicate not only in our personal lives but in our work environment. To top that off it has facilitated the development of new technologies that were unimaginable before its invention. This powerful electronic device has changed and improved the quality of life of most people.
One of the many benefits of the computer is that we can communicate instantly. These devices helped us to communicate faster and more efficiently. When many of our parents were born, computers were not common among society even though they already existed. It was not until the invention of the personal computer in conjunction with the internet; when humans started to use the computer as an alternative method to communicate. As a result it transformed the way we communicate with each other. Nowadays the electronic mail or e-mail is one of the most common ways to get in contact with each other and it is an example of the transformation of communication. Before the e-mail, communicating with another individual entirely relied on the postal service. Given the nature of the postal service, the speed to deliver a letter was proportional to the recipient’s location. The farther the recipient, the slower the process of delivery. The closer the recipient the faster the process of delivery. With the computer and the e-mail the process of communication has dramatically changed for the good. Humans with access to a computer and an e-mail can communicate in virtually no time given the fact that the process of communication is now transmitted as data via computer between the sender and the recipient. This radical change now permits humankind not only to communicate in personal life but also in the work environment.

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