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Compliance Study Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on April 3, 2014
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The Effect of Line Cutting on Compliance
Jake Wallace
University of Texas at Arlington

In our society today everyone is on the go. They are running to meetings, school, work, or to meet up with friends and loved ones. Speed is everything. Most people in our society need to get somewhere in a timely manner. The purpose of this study was to see and rate the level of compliance of others in our local community. Compliance was observed in how others were willing to let individuals go ahead of them while they waited in line. Several factors and items had to be taken into effect to make this study unique. One of the biggest catalysts in this study that effected outcome were the dress of the group. Two different styles of dress were used in this study, some being dressed as “casual” and others being dressed as “formal.” The participants in the study were rated on a scale from 1-6, depending on their responses. There were three hypotheses within the group, which included the age of the participant being targeted, the gender of the participant would have an effect on their response, and the attire worn by the study group would have an effect on the level of compliance from the participant. Another hypothesis we have is that the level of compliance would vary depending on if he or she was approached by one or two people on initial contact. The members in our group were slightly split with three females and one male. What the experimenter was required to do was pick up an item as if he or she was buying it, and then approach the targeted participant and ask them, “Hey, would it be ok if I cut in front of you?” No less than five people had to be in the targets line, and the responses were recorded. If the target said, “Sure, ok” then we would jump in line and after a few moments we would put the item down and act as if our mind had changed. If the target responded with “no” or “Ehh I really think not” then we would turn around and leave. This present study...

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