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Competition Among the Cell Phones and Service Providers Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Competition Among the Cell Phones and Service Providers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Communication was never as easy as it is in present era. It would not be wrong to say that for the last ten years belonged to the promotion of Cell Phones and Cellular Companies. Now, majority of our population is enjoying the services of more than one (Networks) service providers.
On the other hand there is a great competition between the Cell Phone manufacturer companies and (Networks) the service provider companies. Each day we see the arrival of new cell phone in the market, some are increasing the camera results, graphics, sound quality and others are working to increase the Battery timings, memory, speakers and microphone. In short, Major companies are working hard to reach and stay at the top in the market.
The competition is much tough between the service provider companies. They talk about the coverage and attractive packages of free minutes and free SMS. As the result, users are using more than one network. If one wants to make a long calls he will first change his sim, again when he is willing to send SMS he will rechange his sim. So, this practice is going on.
It is being said that whenever there is a competition between the companies user will gets the benefit. But as far as the above mention competitions (between the Cell Phone Manufacturer Companies and Service Providers Networks) is concerned, though, the apparently the customer/user is getting benefits but actually customers/users are in loss. Suppose you purchase a cell phone which has all the updated features. Next day or within few days, new features will be introduced in the market and the resale valve of your Cell Phone will move down up to 40%. Cell Phones are at the top as far as the lowest resale value is concerned. Everybody wishes to purchase the cell phone with the updated available features in the market. So, he has to sale his present cell and replace with the new arrival. This is the loss of money on the customer end but the major loss is due to the competition between service...

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