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Comparing Homes of Today to Homes of the 1950's Essay

  • Submitted by: Chrisklaer
  • on August 21, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Comparing Homes of Today to Homes of the 1950's" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Comparing the homes and buildings that were built in the 1950’s to those that are being built in the present times is complex in a couple different ways, one being that all the materials that were used to build the homes and buildings has changed a lot from the materials that they used and also the way that they were designed and built. The homes that were built in those times were built with smaller rooms, smaller closets, they usually only had one bathroom, the windows were made smaller and they didn’t have the double-pane glass, which was a really good invention because the double-pane glass controlled the temperature inside to home way better and kept it cooler. The electrical systems of those time was way different, for instance they didn’t have as many outlets as they do today, fewer circuits, and a less capacity. The houses and buildings of the 50’s had been painted with the paints that were around in those times which a lot of them had lead inside them. The insulation and the water heaters of those times was called inadequate by today’s standards.
​The homes and building of the present times have better insulation, the windows are sealed better and also last way longer then the windows that were around in the 50’s. The homes of today have better technology to keep the house either hotter or colder. The outside doors of the structure are now made of steel which is less drafty and also is easy to lock and secure. The homes from the 50’s had plastic and copper that would fall apart or break easier and more often, and the materials that are used today have a better durability.

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