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Communism Essay

  • Submitted by: moesec12
  • on April 1, 2014
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18 March 2014
Science vs Religion
As a believer in God, the controversy between science and religion has always appeared throughout my life. Until high school many of these questions really crossed my mind aside from, “what happens after death”. I went to went to church and was baptized and received my first communion, but it was not until attending a Jesuit high school that I really started pondering some of the more real questions about life, religion and science. We often only hear the extremists speak out about these subjects and that there is only one true answer: science or religion. I believe that science and religion coexist every day in our lives, we just cannot always see it and only think about these two things when it comes to our beginning and our end. As a firm believer in God or at least a greater force than us human beings, I think that religion beliefs should and do influence science.   It only becomes a problem when too much religion is put into science and certain situations get handled incorrectly due to it. There are times when science should influence religion and others when religion should influence science.
Religion should impact science in quite a few practices, theories and beliefs. Abortion is a subject that I am strongly against. I see why some people may not want to bring a child into the earth at that certain time, but religion show us good values, the most important being life. God (or science) granted us life. There are people who try every day to have a child but have devastating miscarriages, while some people just use abortion as a form of contraception. Religion and morality has the power to help stop that, while science is just taking life in this instance. The influence of one on the other appears again with evolution and sexual orientation.
Evolution clearly proves the theory of creationism wrong. This is the aspect of science that religious people fear. Science could ultimately prove one day that after...

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