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Communicaton Essay

  • Submitted by: vinnie1681
  • on April 2, 2014
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Edwin Mejia-Courtade
Coms 5 Sec 24
May 13, 2013
Post Semester Communication Paper
What is Communication?
I will start this paper off by simply stating that my definition and understanding of communication has changed significantly since the start of this semester. I recall doing this same assignment at the beginning of the semester and defining communication as simply verbal, little did I know that communication comes in various forms and methods. For example I did not know that non verbal’s was a true form of communication, according to Julia T. Wood author of Communication Mosaics, nonverbal communication is all forms of communication but words. So this means nodding, shrugs, eye movements and many others. This can be effective when you are listening to someone speak, it lets them know that you are being an attentive listener. Professor especially love this because they know that the students are listening to what they have to say, an example of this is when Cap’n Bob asks for “nonverbal’s” in the class room to confirm that we understand what he is explaining to us. I also learned about and had a personal experience on cohesion. Cohesion is defined as the degree of closeness among members and the sense of group spirit. So basically it’s how effective and close a team can be. I was playing on an intermural soccer team for sac state, and by halftime our team was losing 2-0. So during halftime, me and another kid just told the team to not worry about the score and just play the sport the way they know how to play it and just to have fun. Come second half we scored 3 goals and won the goal and I was so happy for my team. I wasn’t happy cause we won but cause everyone was just trying to play the sport and have fun, in the process we just happened to win the game. I also learned about another form of communication known as interpersonal confirmation. In simple terms it’s being appreciated and feelings welcomed. When others confirm us we feel better about...

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