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Communications Speech Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Josh Simpson
Ms. Tyree
November 23rd, 2014

Title: concealed carry for teachers

General Purpose: to persuade

Specific Purpose: to influence the audience to consider teachers being allowed to have concealed carry


Attention Getter:   Sandy Hook. This is the tragic school shooting that took place in 2012 the started all of the recent unrest in the discussion

Reveal Topic: today I would like to talk to you concealed carry for teachers

Establish Credibility: I have spent the past few weeks researching this topic

Relate Topic To Audience: Don’t you want your brothers, sisters, or even your own children to be safe at school

Preview Main Points: Today I’m going to explain how it applies to you, what it would affect, and how it would be beneficial

Transition:   first off lets talk about how it would apply to you


This applies to everyone in the aspect that everyone has family or children of their own in school systems

A. in the recent years there have been an increase in school shootings. The most notable of these is the Sandy Hook school shooting, since this tragedy there has been further pushes for more security in schools. The most recent of them is the thought that teachers should be allowed to carry firearms. Widely because of the tragedy of an armed gunman breaking into a school and killing 26 innocent people.
B.   In Missouri according to truthandaction.org the senate has passed a bill that will allow vetted and trained teachers and school administrators to carry a firearm on campus. According to (policy.mic) the qualifications that are in place for a staff member to carry a firearm are; completion of the concealed carry course, a background check, and proper documentation of the firearm. In addition they are adding another bill to add a psych evaluation to the process.
Transition:   now that we have looked into how it can apply to you. Lets discuss how it will affect you

it will affect you in the...

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