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Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: binish
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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“Non verbal communication and cultural variations”

Suppose that you get an opportunity to visit some other country. You have a good understanding of the native language to communicate effectively. But if you do not have enough familiarity with the prevalent culture over there, you might face difficulties in delivering and interpreting non verbal part of the communication. Take an example of one country and discuss with examples that what sorts of problems regarding non verbal communication you may face while your stay at that country.
Suppose one goes to Europe for a business matter. The communication customs of Europe are different from those of Pakistan. His successful communication skills might regard him ineffective communicator.   In this situation non-verbal communication plays an effective role in increasing or decreasing the effectiveness of his communication with the people of that area. Following are some problems that he may face during this kind of situation:
  1- His informal dressing may cause ineffective communication.
  2- His inability to maintain eye contact may be taken as his lack of confidence.
  3- His nervous gestures may make the communication ineffective.
  4- His touching behaviour may be taken as disrespect.
  5- His facial expressions may be perceived as rudeness.
  6- His insufficient loudness during communication may decrease the interest of the people.
  7- His irregular pitch may lower the interest in the message.
  8- His irregular rate of delivery may indicate nervousness.
  9- His lack of pronunciation may also lower the interest.
  10- His irregular pauses during the delivery of message may show lack of practice or nervousness.
  11- Arriving late in the meeting may cast negative effect in communication.

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