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Coming of Age in Mississippi Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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qChonda Burke
February 13, 2015
Anne Moody’s Obituary

      Anne Moody was the author of the memoir “Coming of Age In Mississippi.” She died February 5 at the age of 74 in Mississippi.   “Coming of Age In Mississippi” is Anne Moody herself explaining what it was like growing up in the South during the 1940s. During her twenties, while attending Tougaloo University, she joined the Civil Rights Movement against the fight for the equality of blacks.   Anne Moody was a strong, intelligent, ruthless young woman. She told the story that many people would have never heard.

    Anne Moody’s memoir is the current reading that’s in this class. This book is a mind opener that you could’ve never imagined. Growing up in school, black history was taught from the perspectives of the well-known “leaders” of that particular era. Reading this book has taught me that there were plenty of people that deserved to have their stories told. Their goal wasn’t to make the front cover of the papers or even be famous. They just wanted equality. Such as Anne Moody. It was such a great feeling being able to hear the personal experience of a young black woman such as myself. It made me feel as though I was right there experiencing every detail with her along the way.  

Chonda Burke
February 20, 2015
Ferguson Divides Us Less Than We Imagine

    In the past two years there were two major killings in the United States. These two killings took place in the black community by armed white men. Surveys were taken about raising the issue of race, confidence in investigations, and the interest of the stories. Yes, whites and blacks view these situations completely different, but an increase of empathy arose in the white community in the surveys during the past year.   We should stop believing race divides us more than we think and realize that we are changing little by little as a nation.  
    Personally, it took me a couple of times reading this article to fully...

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