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Colorado Essay

  • Submitted by: nano567
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: English
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Hello my name is Irvin Gonzalez and I believe I should be considered a candidate for the “Train in Colorado” because I am a dedicated hard working boxer who will put my all into this chance, you give me a chance I’ll show you the will and the dedication I have. I’ve competed with the best in the United States didn’t aways come out on top but one thing I did was give it my all into my fights. And if i get a chance to be a candidate for the “Train in Colorado” I will show everyone that I have the skills, dedication, motivation and perseverance to compete and train in Colorado. I’ve been dreaming ever since i first started boxing to become an olympian and win for my country. I’ve had many set backs in boxing but i never let anything stop me from becoming the best. I have conquered owning the number one spot in New England but thats not enough i want to own the number one spot in the world, and i will do anything to conquer that. Its hard working on my dream i encore a lot of dissapointment a lot of faliure and pain. I doubt myself sometimes but that just motivates me even more I would never give up on my dreams. Im hungry, i refuse to give up on my dreams. Even though i may face disapointments i know it in myself that i can do it even if no one else see’s it for me, i see it for myself. It doesnt matter how bad a fight gets in my mind i know im going to make it. I wanna take my boxing skills and training to another level I want to push myself to the max to achieve my dreams. I don’t want anyone to take my dreams or live my dreams and i won’t let that happen i will win until i live my dreams. I’ve been too a couple National Championships since i started boxing, the most recent one was the 2014 United State championships in Reno, Nevada. I didn’t come out on top but I know i could have if i just pushed myself a little harder. I won my first fight and lost my second in the quarter finals to a top ranked boxer from Texas but it was a great fight. I also fought in the 2010...

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