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Collectivism and Its Effects on Society, Anthem Essay

  • Submitted by: devinflener8368
  • on August 18, 2015
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Devin Flener           Collectivism and It's Effects Within A Society           Topic Choice: #2

In the novel Anthem Ayn Rand uses small scale allegories in the story to illustrate the effects of Collectivism within Equality 7-2521's society. These techniques are used in conjunction within each other throughout the majority of the story to illustrate the scenes that fill Equality 7-2521's life, and within these scenes lie crucial pieces of clues which provide information about not only Equality 7-2521 but also his society, a society of collectivism. With this collectivism comes three main side effects: guilt, fear, and sophophobia, the fear of learning . These three side effects are more like symptoms, symptoms of oppression but not slavery, submission but not worship, and obedience but not compliance. The flu that is the oppression, submission, and obedience within this society is the same one in question right now, in question of not only why but also how, how its affected Equality 7-2521 and his society. How its shaped their ideas. How its even survived so long.

Guilt. Guilt is the first of three symptoms and is a strong motivator for obedience from the people within Anthem. But to understand why they submit to this guilt we must understand what they are guilty of. This guilt is seen heavily throughout the first chapter, the first example being where Equality 7-2521 is already feeling guilty for simply being alone, but he's even felt guilty before that, while he was in the Home of Students he felt guilty for being not only smarter than most of the kids but for also being taller than them, he was even punished for this. So, to feel guilty of something that seems so petty and part of human nature at such a young age suggests that this society is about pure equality between everyone, and that any advantages over another are seen as selfish and illegal. In fact, they don't call it "breaking the

law" but rather "sinning", the difference here is that laws...

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